Youth resort to smoking feaces to get ‘high’

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Reports reaching is that some youth in the Upper West Region have resorted to smoking human feaces in their quest to get ‘high’.

According to sources, they mix the human feaces with cannabis in a piece of paper and light it up for smoking.

Recently, it was reported that some drivers at Tema were abusing petrol and brake fluid as an energy booster.

Although the youth in Ghana have been known to abuse all sort of drugs and substances, the new trends has become shocking especially when it has to do with feaces.

Aside the new trends, the youth were not only abusing the cocaine, heroine, and the famous tramadol, they have also abused all sort of substances including fuel from sanitary pads, foams, super glues amongst others.
In a phone interview with the Upper West Regional Commander of NACOB, Ishak Bakuri, on Atinka TV’s flagship morning show, Ghana Nie, he expressed worry over the isse, urging parents to get involved or show interests in the activities of their children to salvage the situation and prevent those who are not in it from abusing drugs.

He explained that the youth mix the dry feaces with cannabis or marijuana and smoke it together.

Others, he confirmed they burn either new or used sanitary pads, seive the liquid and drink to become ‘high’.

One cannot decipher what is behind the actions of the youth, whether it has a spiritual backing or it is just physical.

However, Ishak Bakuri noted that although pregnant women have weird cravings and could probably wish for many things, it was rather young men who were mixing other people’s feaces to smoke.

The new trends, he said did not begin in the Upper West, adding that it was also happening in Kumasi and Accra.

“This came to my knowledge about six months ago by my colleague officer who came from transfer from Acccra, we cannot know where exactly it started from,” he said.

“The abuse of such substances cut across the nation. They pick dry pupu, break it onto the weed and add fire. Some smoke the feaces only; through open defecation, they get it easily,” he said.

For those who use the sanitary pads, he said, “Those who are able to afford the pads buy it but those who cannot afford the new one use the used ones.”

However, he said the board was investigating what exactly is in the pads that makes them high, suggesting that the Food and Drugs Authority(FDA), Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) take it up and examine the chemical composition of the items..

Meanwhile, host of Ghana Nie, Mr Bismark Brown (BB), who was also shocked at the situation urged the public to help save a lot of the youth from abusing drugs.

He noted the youth have also discovered some pills called ‘ecstasy’, they use it for ‘highing’.

One person who phoned in during the session also said the youth put super glue on duster and inhale it at Abokobi and after they snatch phones and monies from those who pass by.

Below is a video of someone abusing drugs:

Ghana|| Porcia Oforiwaa Ofori