Why is he ignoring my texts all of a sudden?

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No one wants to be ignored via text, especially when it’s a guy we like. But what does it mean when he stars ignoring our texts all of a sudden? In this article, Beauty and Tips uncovers the truth.

We know how it goes: There’s a guy you’ve been seeing. Things have been going pretty well and he seems hot for texting. He’s flirting, he’s got good banter and he replies often. Sometimes, he even gives you a “good night” text. Then, for no reason whatsoever, he cools it. In fact, he doesn’t even just cool it – he stops texting back altogether. At this point, you begin to look for explanations. Did you do something wrong? Did your attempt at a joke offend him? Did you text him too much? Is he bored?

The main thing to do at this point is to stay calm and to remind yourself that if he stops texting, well, it’s his loss. Not yours. If he can’t see how awesome you are, it’s his problem. Let’s take a look at the probable reasons why a guy suddenly stopped showering you with his attention…



It’s a woman’s nature to question where things are going after we’ve been together with a guy for a while.

Guys? They’re not always so fussed. They leave those questions to us. And when we voice them, they sometimes get scared.

If a guy wasn’t serious to begin with, it was probably his intention all along to cool it the minute he could see that you were beginning to get serious. If you asked him where he thought the “relationship” was going or gave him any other type of sign that you wanted to get serious, it could have been the trigger for him to go dark.


Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens. Sure, he was texting you a lot and possibly he was even genuinely enjoying it. But if his ex was still in the picture and she eventually wanted to give their relationship a second chance, he was always going to ditch you and go back to her.

Harsh? Perhaps, but that’s just the way of things. If you were in the same situation – hung up on an ex and texting someone new – you could probably do the same if your ex, who you still had feelings for, wanted to give things a second chance.

Sure, this will sting for you but a good idea in future is to start texting someone who isn’t hung up on their ex. When an ex is still in the picture, it makes things difficult.

Did you get a bit too eager and text him too much?

Perhaps you asked him if you guys were now boyfriend and girlfriend after just a few dates?

Did you send him follow-up texts when he hadn’t replied?

All of this sort of stuff can cause a guy to feel overwhelmed – and it could be the reason he’s suddenly ignoring your texts.


It’s nice when we reply to guys, isn’t it?

Sure is. But there’s also such a thing as being too available. If you were too available and texted all the time, you weren’t giving him something to chase. Moreover, you might have removed the mystery element, which guys love.

Texting is meant to be fun and relaxed. It’s something a lot of us use to let off steam. If he was trying to banter with you and have a laugh but you were too serious or – even worse – negative, you might have put him off.

Remember, texting is not for philosophical discussions.

If so, consider sending him an amusing GIF to show him that you can be funny too.

Hate to break it to you, but if a guy who was hot for texting suddenly vanishes without a trace, there’s every chance he was a player. This mean that he was texting you and lots of other girls at the same time.

It’s rubbish, sure. But let’s not pretend that guys like this don’t exist. They do and they know how to make each girl feel special, and as though they’re the only ones in his life.

If he was a player, there’s every chance he’s going to return and expect to resume where he left off. Be on your guard.


“There’s no way he had a double life.”

That’s what we all say. But think about it: How well do you really know him?

Look for signs, too. Guys who live double lives are both evasive and elusive. They dodge questions about where they’ve been, won’t admit what they’ve been doing and disappear all the time.

Like a player, a guy who has a double life might return again at any moment. He’ll act as though nothing has happened, and when you question where he’s been he’ll say he was away on business.

Watch out for more warning signs. If a guy keeps disappearing, he might even already be married.


Short and sweet is the best practice when it comes to texting. If yours were too long, they might have exhausted him.


Sometimes, the reason for a guy disappearing from your inbox is very simple – he got scared. He was getting in too deep with you and realised he couldn’t give you what you wanted. He didn’t want to hurt you by getting too close to you, and he didn’t want to hurt himself by getting too close. So he pulled out.

He might return at a later date, but by then he’ll likely have lost all feelings for you. As such, the way he texts will be very different.


There’s a chance that something you said freaked him out.

Take a look at the last texts you sent to him. Did you say something that could have alarmed him? Were you too forward? Did you talk about your ex too much?

Well, creating a new relationship is not always an easy task, but it’s definitely worth it. Stay positive, believe that you are worthy to of true and beautiful love, and it will come and find you when you expect it the least!

Stay happy!

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