What girls like about a guy’s body? 9 things

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Guys come in all shapes and sizes, don’t they?…big ones, little ones, ones with muscles, slim ones and not so slim, but what is it that you particularly like about a man’s body? What’s the part of a man that really gets you going and makes him the man for you? Here we look at the top nine parts of a man that girls usually really love:

1. A sparkle in the eyes

For some girls it’s all in the eyes. A man’s eyes can tell you a lot about him: what he’s thinking, what his mood is and, whatever is your preferred colour, a man with a gleam and a sparkle of laughter in his eyes will capture the heart of any girl.

2. What girls like about a guy’s body? Strong arms!

Where else can you feel as safe as wrapped in the strong arms of the guy you love? The arms are one of the top things that girls list about what they look for in a man; strong enough to carry you, but tender enough to hold you gently when you need it as well.

3. The abdomen

Whether you like it rock hard and rippling or you prefer a model made more for comfort, the abdomen of a guy is another high on the list of likes of a man’s body parts for most girls.

4. The shoulders

What girls like about a guy’s body? Shoulders broad enough to carry the burden of two, are what many girls love. Somehow, broad shoulders convey a sense of reliability and dependability, as well as physical strength.

5. Kissable lips

After the eyes, the lips are the next most important facial feature on a girl’s list. Are they full, are they thin, are they prone more to smiling than grimacing and do you want to kiss them?

6. Hands to hold you with…

What girls like about a guy’s body? Large, powerful hands that are capable of looking after a girl are a must for some. Large hands convey strength and masculinity, but some prefer the smaller, more artistic type of hands; it’s all in the eye of the beholder!

7. The chiselled jawline

The jawline of a movie star is just irresistible for some girls; that strong, determined look of a man who knows what he wants and knows where he is going.

8. A firm butt!

Perhaps it’s the continental look that gets you going. You know the type: the tight trousers and firm physique that wouldn’t look out of place on the dance floor doing the Spanish flamenco!

9. What girls like about a guy’s body? A torso to get hold of…

Whether it’s a rock hard bed of muscle to run your hands over or a soft and comforting one, most girls like a torso that they can get a hold off; something warm to hold onto when things get a bit scary.

What other things on your opinion girls like about a guy’s body? Feel free to share your own preferences and likes in the comment section below ladies.

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