Kwahu Easter 2017: Revelers share their ‘amazing’ experiences

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The Atinka Feeling Festival train stopped at Kwahu for the 2017 Easter celebration and it has been a wonderful experience so far.

Atinkaonline's Vivian Adu Boatemaa took to the Kwahu Obomeng streets to find out people's reasons for  moving to the 'mountains' to celebrate the Easter at Kwahu and some of their responses will blow your mind :

1.    Priscilla  – University of Ghana Final year student:

“I am from Aburi and this is my first time in Kwahu, I wanted to get the whole Kwahu feeling before I graduate, and I will say it has been an amazing experience so far”.

2.    Adu Boahene – Abbosey Okai Spare Parts dealer:

“I come from Kwahu Obomeng and I always come to celebrate Easter so the feeling is not new; I always  feel proud to be an “Obuoba”.

3.    Ama Tema , Seamstress:

“My boyfriend is from Kwahu Mpreaso but I have never been to Kwahu. Due to my busy schedule I hardly make time for such vacations. But for once, I decided to come and experience Kwahu Easter and I can say it has been good.

4.    Nana Kwame, Old Student Kwahu Mpreaso Senior High School:

“I am not from Kwahu but I had my Senior High School education in Kwahu and so most of the old students meet to discuss matters of interest. It is always fireworks when we meet”.

5.    Otema , Trader,  Agbogloshie

“Due to the market, most of us do not have time to rest and so we usually use the Kwahu Easter celebrations as an opportunity to rest. I am from Kwahu- Pepease”

6.    Nana Kofi , KNUST Student:

“I am a serial chiller and wherever the party  is,  I step clean regardless. I have never missed Kwahu Easter”

7.    Kofi Badu , Teacher:

“I am a teacher based in Accra, I have never been to Kwahu Easter so I decided to come and have an experience with a colleague teacher who hails from Kwahu”

8.    Rukayatu Ibrahim, Beautician:

“I came to Kwahu because of the Easter hype, this is my first time and I am looking forward to having  a wonderful experience. I love fun so yeah, Why not”

9.    Eunice Owusua , Nurse:

“I am on a one-month leave and I decided to have fun in Kwahu with my friends; life is too short to be boring, sometimes chill charley. Time no dey”

10.     Afua Baafi , Entrepreneur:

“I came to do business but I need to have fun as well. How I go do am. All work and no play makes me a dull woman”.

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