We are not against Voltarians-Defence Minister

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Defence Minister, Dominic Nitiwul has debunked allegations made by opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) that the deployment of more soldiers at the Volta and Oti Regions is an agenda against Ewes.

The deployment of more soldiers in the Volta and Oti Region has sparked a lot of allegations from the opposition NDC and as well generated agitations between residents in the Regions.

Although in fear, the people of Ketu have accused the government of having an agenda to intimidate them from partaking in the registration of the new voters’ ID Card which comes off tomorrow, Tuesday, June 30th 2020.

However, addressing the public on the matter, the Defence Minister noted that the presence of the soldiers is not to intimidate Ewes because that is the stronghold of the NDC’s, rather, to ensure that the borders are protected as it remains closed due to  coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

“The enhanced calm life across the whole country is three months. We have given them resources as part of it. The primary reason is to ensure that people don’t come in or don’t go out. As we sit today the president has closed the borders to the 31st of July. If the president or the government opens the borders why would the soldiers be there?. Government is only protecting the borders and there is no agenda against a certain tribe as some are making it look,” he said.

The Soldiers, Dominic Nitiwul also said have been placed not only at Volta and Oti, adding that they have been deployed at other borders to stop the importation of COVID-19 to Ghana.


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