Video: GIJ students demonstrates against school authorities

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The students of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) have today demonstrated against what they term as unfair treatment by the school's authorities to deny them access to examination centres over online registration.

It emerged yesterday December 1, 2018, that over 600 students of GIJ were prevented from writing the exams due to their inability to register.

Others were also prevented on the grounds of paying only 80% of their fees, but could not complete an online registration.

The students nonetheless had completed a manual registration which had been acknowledged by their lecturers and other authorities at the school ahead of today’s examination.

Many of the students, according to reports, were unable to complete the E-registration because of its complex nature.

The students who have been affected by the decision are pointing accusing fingers at the new rector of the school, who they claim ordered for them to be locked out of the exam.

This latest development has led to the authorities cancelling a level 400 paper which was scheduled to be written this afternoon.

Watch video from the school below 

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