UPDATE: Why I killed and buried my 70-year-old grandma – Atadeka ‘killer’ confesses

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A 25-year-old ex-convict and drug addict, Shadrach Hushie, who allegedly killed and buried his 70-year-old Grandma has explained to the Atadeka-Zenu Police why he committed such a heinous crime.


Madam Patience Aku Hushie, according to Atinkaonline.com checks resided at her Atadeka home with her grandson who had become a deviant.


According to information available to Atinkaonline.com, Madam Aku on April 20, 2019 went missing from the community.


Around midnight the same day, a neighbour saw Shadrach digging behind the grandmother’s house and confronted Shadrach the following morning as to why he was digging a pit at that odd hour of the day.


Shadrach claimed he was burying his goat which was killed by a vehicle. A few days after, the foul scent started emanating from the direction of the pit in question.


A report was made to police at Atadeka by a son of Madam Aku and in the cause of investigation, Shadrach who also disappeared unceremoniously was found in the custody of Ashaiman police over a theft case.


During interrogation, he admitted murdering his grandmother and clandestinely buried the body behind the house.


Asked about what necessitated her action, the ex-convict reportedly stated that about a month ago, he went to commit a crime and was arrested.


He pleaded with his grandmother to help bail him but Madam Aku, he claimed failed to bail him out and so when he managed to get out, he opted to punish her by killing and secretly burying her.


Police and the environmental health section of the Kpone Katamanso Municipal Assembly are set to exhume the body of the 70-year old.


Source: Atinkaonline.com