Unpaid Graduate Teachers threaten to picket over salary arrears

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The Coalition of unpaid Graduate Teachers have threatened to picket at the premises of the Ministry of Education over salary arrears.

Speaking to Kaakyire Ofori Ayim on Atinka AM Drive, a member of the Coalition of unpaid Graduate Teachers Elvis Kwame Baah mentioned that the only English the Ghanaian government understands is picketing and demonstrations. He added that they will picket at the ministry’s premises until the government settles their six months’ arrears which is due them.

He argued that the government contacted them to teach English, Mathematics, Science and Geography in the rural areas but have left them to their fate. He added that several meetings with the ministry of education proved futile hence their decision.

” We are really suffering and since the government only understands the language of picketing we will not rest until our demands are met,”, he concluded.

Ghana | Atinkaonline.com | Vivian Adu Boatemaa