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The series of violent incidents that characterised the Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency By-election is a minus to our much celebrated Democratic credentials worthy of condemnation by all sections of the Ghanaian public. The endurance of the discourse of these barbaric acts in the media are indicative of the extent of harm inflicted on the fragile fiber of our country. 

It is refreshing to see, read, and hear all major voices of reason in our society express rage against such malicious and medieval age acts in Ayawaso West. Acts of these ilk’s are not on a looming danger to the peace and development prospects of this country but one that undermines Ghana's image in the International System. 

 Not long ago in 2016, Ghanaians took a decision that was as resounding as it was emphatic: with the sole impulse a of change that improves and consolidates Ghana's Economic fortunes, it’s moral Uprightness, Statecraft and Peace. 

These aspirations were emboldened when President Akufo Addo called on Ghanaians to be citizen who will at all times have the right and liberty to express dissent or otherwise relative to how he manages the affairs of the state. 

It is worthy to note that,  in a thriving democracy like Ghana's,  dissent regardless of how 'biting' it may sound,  appear or hit a leader, his/her team, same must be taken in good faith with the humility to reckon that,  such principles defines real democratic tenets and as such enhances good governance. 

Indeed, in the heat of the 2016, Campaign,  when President Mahama was under diverse attacks from all angles of society because of his 'poor' management of the state machinery, he made a profound statement…" I inherited a peaceful Ghana and will not do anything to undermine that peace and stability". Regardless of my political biases, I conceded and will continue to stand by such concession that, it was a commendable statement from the Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces. That singular statement and posturing was enough to douse and eased the cloud of tension that many Social Commentators, Political Analyst among others posited will be heated than that of 2012. 

Fast forward to 2019, Ghanaian are enduring the 'Slow but Sure' economic management pace of the Nana Addo led government hence Uniforming Party Footsoldiers under the guise of National Security Compromises the Power of the State, dents the state's enviable reputation in the International System and above all demonstrates the absence of rational thinking which is a realist expectation of managers of the state. 

There is an adage that says " if you don't know death, take a cue from sleep". If we do not know the possible repercussions of breeding a militia in a poor frustrated country like Ghana, the insurgency in Nigeria, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Mali are enough example to put the fear of God in our inept political decision as a country. 

I am a young man with great hopes that, our leaders will leave us a peaceful and prosperous country.

But recounting the needless display of chaos in Ayawaso West seem to me my hopes are premised on straw not concrete.\

While I acknowledge with gratitude the adherence of the President to heed the call by citizens to setting up a Commission of inquiry, it is apt to add that the commission should be given the needed space, support, and resources to deliver justice in a manner that restores hope to the Ghanaian community, foreign investors, allies and the international community.  

It is well and God will show Ghana Mercy. 


Andrew Atariwini. 

A Citizen from Bawku.