The Okada phenomenon and why new IGP must act now

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Author: Kwame Koduah Atuahene, Head of Regulations Inspection and Compliance, National Road Safety Commission


The Okada phenomenon may have created some few jobs or made it possible for you to avoid the traffic but at what price?

Motorcycle related deaths have increased by 400% over the last ten years during which period a law was made by Parliament to outlaw their use for fare-paying passenger purposes (Okada) and permit their use for personal and courier services ONLY.

Disturbingly, Politicians including MPs have acted in ways to undermine the law they passed.

MPs have incited riders against public institutions, others have promoted the illegality by paying up Insurance Premiums and License application fees knowing too well that they will be deployed for the unlawful enterprise.

Worst of it all, MASLOC has in the last decade promoted Okada businesses with such impunity.

The effect is the rising level of Road Traffic deaths related to Motorcycles and Tricycles.

Provisional road traffic crash data from 2019 records some 732 deaths or 32% of road traffic deaths as motorcycle and tricycle related.


Government is working to reflect on the law to either strengthen the enforcement of the current law or make changes.

That will not happen in a day or a month or a year. Until then, two things must happen.

The IGP must get the MTTD to enforce the existing law vigorously without making any excuses and road users (okada riders or customers) must decide to live or leave their dreams.

The exposure to the risk of death or injuries is real with Okada.


Wise up and make a safer choice for jobs and travel to save your life.


Happy New Year


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