The Beauty of Kronkron Grand Finale

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The Grand Finale of Atinka TV's big band reality show, 'Kronkron' did not only draw massive crowd at the National Theatre, but also, conveyed a sprit-filled atmosphere.

The ambiance of the auditorium indicated that patrons of the show, were served with what they deserved, as all performers got them on their feet throughout the show.

Although the show was to begin at 4.p.m., the venue was full as at 3p.m.,   

signifying that Ghanaians have bought into the Kronkron idea, and were not going to be late, as it is usually perceived.

On the other hand, the organizers of the show did not leave patrons waiting; right at 4.p.m., the show had begun with the band's electrifying the audience with their dynamic performances.

The 'Di Asa' queens, also vibrated the stage with their dancing talents which got audience screaming throughout the whole time out of excitement.

For the renowned gospel musicians, their performances brought down the holy spirit, to get everybody on their legs to sing along to the glorification of the Lord.

To the audience, Kronkron, indeed was worth attending, due to the theme, which was about worship.

Aside worshipping and praising God, the delivery of the final results by a drone to the hosts, also demonstrated that the show was an advanced one right at the maiden edition.

Apart from the ultimate winner, all the other band's were also furnished with some impressive amount of money, for the band's to feel appreciated for their amazing efforts and time.

Some awards were also given to outstanding performances, groups and individuals to motivate them.

Nonetheless, the fans and supporters of all the band's waited to the end of the show, despite the fact that it was packed and went a little into the night.

Responds from the audience after the winner was mentioned, also showed that most of them were in favour of the band that won.

The stylish 4G, came third in position and went home with GHc 5,000, while the ADM, which seem to have a lot of support from their church placed second, receiving a cash prize of GHC 10,000.

However, We2 Praise, was adjudged the winners of Kronkron and were given a set of musical instruments in addition to a cash prize of GHC 10,000.

Atinka Media village, organizers of Kronkron, wishes to congratulate all ten bands, especially the ultimate winner, We2 band.


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