Tema: Residents take spiritual bath to revoke curses (photos) 

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Thousands of residents at Tema New Town have been visiting various beaches in the area “to take a spiritual cleansing bath” on the instruction of a Chief Priest, following unusual deaths in the past week.

 It has been established that in the last ten days, nine people have died under different circumstances raising fear among residents. 

According to the Agbafoatse of Tema, Nii Abo Commey Gbaku, although the actual cause of the curse is yet to be unraveled, the fact remains that there is a curse over the community due to the sins of some people. Nii Gbaku who  has already taken  his bath said, despite the Tema Traditional Council’s denial of such spiritual directive, he, as “the eye and mouthpiece of the gods” will go on to perform the necessary rituals to curtail the unfortunate deaths in the community.

Nii Gbaku noted that Churches have not been left out of  the cleansing exercise as they are also directed to sweep their premises.

The Secretary to the Tema Traditional Council, Nii Shipi Armarh who confirmed the deaths said it’s unfortunate that the Chief Priest has given such directive without allowing for the conduct of scientific findings to ascertain the actual cause of the deaths.

He, however, added that the Metro Health Directorate has met with the traditional council on the issue to find out the cause of the unusual deaths. Nii Shipi further placed it on record that the TTC disassociates itself from such instruction because it cannot tell the cause of the deaths which he said could be coincidences or have filth or any environmental underpinnings.

 When Atinka News visited the 5-Beach near the Canoe Basin at 4 am (Wednesday), old and young men and women were seen taking their spiritual bath. 

The three-day bath continues as some are in their second day, with those who heard of the directive last night started their cleansing Wednesday. 

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