TEMA: Journalists sensitized on UNIPASS software ahead of deployment

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The Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority has taken journalists in the Tema Region through a day’s sensitisation workshop on the much-talked about UNIPASS-Ghana programme at the ports before its eventual take-off later in the year .
The all-important training sought to bring members of the inky fraternity up to speed with the essence and benefits of the new system as one of the major stakeholders with respect to operations at the ports.
UNIPASS-Ghana, developed by the Korean Customs business wing termed, CUPIA, seeks to provide an end-to-end supply chain solution documentation platform which incorporates and consolidates existing systems, replaces the current system managed by West Blues and GC-NET. UNIPASS-Ghana system seeks to reduce the eight stages in documentation in cargo clearing presently to six, provides one plugin with one use account in accessing UCR, MDA and BoE.
The new system among other benefits harmonises and simplifies the present system, increases payment options with more banks onboard, provides a single window to fulfill all LCPO requirements and affords ‘clearants’ the opportunity to expeditiously peruse Customs evaluated documents and protest if not satisfied and receive prompt response before making payments.
The Officer -in Charge of Policy and Programmes at the Customs Division of the GRA, Deputy Commissioner, Felix Matey Kodjo speaking to Atinka News at the programme, said the current system in use has evolved over the years and the changes aim to improve cargo clearance towards enhanced operations and reduced cost of doing business at the ports. He hinted that field test of the UNIPASS-Ghana system has been completed at Aflao with a pilot operation slated to commence in a week’s time in Takoradi.
DC Kodjo noted that Customs officers, primary users and other stakeholders including the media have been sensitised, believing that their ideas will further strengthen the quality of the software to be deployed, pledging to further engage if other concerns arise.
The new UNIPASS-Ghana system which was arrived at under the auspices and supervision of the senior minister with the formation of an inter-ministerial cabinet sub-committees task force compromising representatives from Finance, Transport and Trades and Industry ministries as well national security seeks to conform Ghana’s cargo handling system to the WCO and WTO standards, as well as the Tokyo convention.
Meanwhile, West Blues according to sources is in court currently claiming UNIPASS-Ghana is using its software.
Ghana | Atinkaonline.com | Edward Sebbie