‘Stop lying and let the truth lead you’ – Albert Commey jabs Palmer

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Former GFA Executive Committee Member, Albert Commey, has  advised Wilfred Osei Palmer to stop throwing dust into the eyes of the  public  concerning the expenses of  the national teams

According to the Former Exco member, Palmer has turned blind eye to the truth due to football politics.

“I heard someone granted an interview saying government bears all national team cost. Don’t hide the truth because of football politics,” Albert Commey told Atinka FM Friday.

“He was  chairman…. ask him if it was only gov’t that took care of the national team. Truth is  only one so if you’re a leader, let the truth lead you not lies.”

“And does this mean they don’t read the audit report or they know the truth and have decided to paint someone black?”

“People talk anyhow just because they have clubs. If  you see the way some of them talk is it right?”

“Who was in the helm of affairs and in charge of finance when all these things happened?”

“And for such a person to grant such interview, is an apology of itself. He’s my friend but we must say the truth,” he added.

Albert Commey and Wilfred Osei Kwaku Palmer are all past Exco memeber of GFA.

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(Benji Deflowman)