Stop buying guns from illegal sources- Small Arms Commission warns

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A Director at the National Commission for Small Arms and Light Weapons, Mr Gyebi Asante, has warned the public against purchasing guns from illegal sources in the country, especially from the blacksmith.

According to him, buying guns from the blacksmith is illegal, adding that it is also against the law for the blacksmith to make guns and sell them to people or even repair it.

Before a blacksmith can repair a gun, he said the blacksmith must a acquire a license first .

“If you go to the blacksmith and something happens, you will not be covered because you bought it from an illegal source. Every gun should be licensed before use and therefore if you are caught using an unlicensed gun the law will deal with you,” he said.

Speaking on Atinka TV’s Morning Show, Ghana Nie, hosted by Nana Owusu Nkrumah, Mr Asante advised persons who have guns through inheritance to register it in their name before using in order to be covered in case there is a problem.

Mr Asante explained that unlike some countries, everyone in Ghana has the right to own a gun but because the commission knows the repercussions of individuals having a gun, it does not permit just anyone to have it.

He noted that persons who are 18 years and above, of sound mind who are able to convince the commission of being able to handle a gun are those who will be given the nod when they request for guns for their security.

“You should have what it takes to renew your papers every year. It is expensive and so when you come we will investigate if you can manage it,” he said.

For those who have guns and want to surrender them, Mr Asante said they can return it to Amnesty International.

He advised people to make their security paramount but ensure that they do not harm others with guns they have acquired.

Ghana|| Porcia Oforiwaa Ofori