Seminar for Documentary Film Making Professionals From 15 Countries Underway In China

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Forty five (45) media and documentary film making professionals from 15 middle income and developing countries are currently in Beijing, China for a seminar on documentary Filmmaking.

The three- week seminar, which is being organized by China’s Research and Training Institute for National Radio and TV Administration, Beijing, aims at exposing participants to modern techniques in documentary film making as well as enhancing cooperation with participating countries in the field of arts and entertainment.

The seminar, which started on August 6, 2019 and ends on the 27th of August, 2019, will afford participants the opportunity to learn from China how it uses documentary and other forms of arts to project it’s culture and better tell it’s story to the rest of the world.
Participating countries include; Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Kenya, Malawi, Cuba, Palestine, Romania, Dominican Republic among others.

China is currently a force to reckon with when it comes to the development of Television and Radio in recent times. China, which is regarded as an economic super power by many, has 2218 radio and TV networks. It also has 42 “education” stations which have the sole aim of educating the masses, making it a large producer of radio and TV content with enormous quality and productivity.

Editors and correspondents from Atinka Media Village, GBC, Daily Guide, Peace FM and GNA are among participants at the seminar, which was facilitated by the Ghana Journalists Association.

Ghana I I Isaac Nuamah Yeboah