Rebrand private security companies to serve as job hubs

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 By: Roland Obibah Mensah

Private security companies provide easy access of employment in the country but most Youths and unemployed graduates dislike this opportunity. We have over hundred private security companies in Ghana but due to lack of ideology and vision our leaders always fail to execute creation of jobs as expected. In this case, citizen’s are struggling to get employment.

Government comes and government goes but still can’t find solutions to this unemployment situation in the country because they have ignored private sector employments. It’s obvious for someone to engage his or her self in to this kind of job which responsibility is to protect lives and properties without any reasonable wage, no condition of services, no insurance package in case of any accident while on duty, no loans for staff , scanty salaries, working hours are more than stipulated by labour law in Ghana.

Working hours should be scrap or over time should be accepted. Contribute to SSNIT must be consistent. Insured employees against accident while on duty should be a must. Promote employees accordingly. Employees should be trained to meet standard of protecting lives and properties before deployment. Employees should be well uniformed

Government should prosecute any company that will violate the law. In view of this unemployment rate will drastically reduce because the service will now look attractive.

Looking into reality of this, the expenditure of government during recruitment excercise of national security will automatically reduce. why because, government will now go to this security companies and pick and select already trained gaurds and Polish them in few weeks to become national security officers. This will completely transform the creation of jobs politicians are not thinking about till date. Think Responsibly, Think Jobs.

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