Razak Kojo Opoku writes: My love, desire and total commitment to break the 8- year cycle curse

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My Love, Desire and total commitment to break the 8year cycle curse and Akanfour Party’s Tag with DMB is an ENTRENCHED SUPER-SUPREME-SUPERIOR to the noise and storms from any individual within and without the New Patriotic Party.

I shall forever be submissive to the Powers and Authority of:

  1. God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.
  2. 1992 Constitution, Laws of the Country, Institutions of State and Ghanaians.
  3. President Akufo-Addo and his family
  4. Vice President Dr. Bawumia and his family
  5. Rules, Regulations and Constitution of NPP.
  6. My godfathers & godmothers (they know themselves and have been very super supportive).
  7. NPP Grassroots/Footsoldiers( I love and really appreciate the massive support).
  8. Ghanaian MEDIA
  9. Religious and Traditional Authorities.
  10. The general Business Community.

Beyond these aforementioned, I am NOT worried about any noisy lies and storms from the Sea because I WALK WITH GOD.

Solid as a Rock

ignore the noisy lies.