Raging husband hacks ‘rapist’ to death with machete

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A HUSBAND hacked an alleged rapist to death with a machete after catching him carrying out a sex attack on his five-months-pregnant wife at their home in South Africa, according to reports.

The assailant was reportedly armed with the machete, and broke into the couple's home in Tongaat, north of Durban, shortly before 11am yesterday.

The woman's screams attracted the husband from another room and he came running.

He reportedly grabbed the machete and struck the attacker in the head and arms, according to Times Live.

The alleged attacker then bled to death.

Staff from a local private emergency response organisation, Reaction Unit SA, were called to the scene around 11am and found the attacker's body along with the weapon.

Company spokesman Prem Balram said: "Upon arrival the suspect was found lying outside the home bleeding excessively from injuries to his head and arms."

Images shared by the private emergency response team show the man lying dead in overgrown grass with a pool of blood running from his head down the hill.

The man had deep gashes on his wrist, and was wearing an Arsenal football kit and cargo pants.

Police were called and arrested the husband.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The weapon, a long-handled type of machete, is known locally as a panga.