Owusu Bempa visits Chief Imam to apologise

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The founder and leader of the Glorious Word and Power Ministry, Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah has rendered an unqualified apology to the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Nuhu Sharabutu after predicting his death this year.

Rev. Owusu Bempa who visited the Chief Imam’s residence at Fadama in Accra with some elders of his church presented a ram to pacify the Islamic cleric.

In a brief speech, Owusu Bempah told the gathering that he had come to express gratitude to the peace-loving and fatherly Chief Imam for his timely intervention in the euphoria that followed his prophecy.

He said the visit was just the beginning of many further visits and asked for God’s blessings for him and all assembled.

He said the Chief Imam’s intervention showed him a man full of love for Ghana, and that without his call for peace, one could not have fathomed the aftermath.

In the company of Rev. Owusu Bempah was a former Minister of Health, Samuel Nuamah Donkor, who described himself as a father to Owusu Bempah, and two elders (Council members) of the Glorious Word and Power Ministry.

Mr. Nuamah Donkor said the two religions of Christianity and Islam have co-existed peacefully in Ghana, a trait profoundly anchored by the Chief Imam and that the Islamic leader was even more enchanting in a televised message calling for peace.

He said gratitude is deserving of those who do good things and the Chief Imam deserved all the gratitude, capping it in the Twi adage, “Sɛ onipa yɛ adeɛ a, ɔsɛ ayɛyie.”

The Chair of the Chief Imam’s Advisory Board, Gado Mohammed thanked the pastor for showing interest in maintaining the peace that has long existed between the two faiths.

“Muslims and Christians all have faith in God that is why they are referred to as faith people…the peace that we have had in this country is not anything like others have had in many other countries.

“This is because the two faiths are at peace with each other and we should not take it for granted. We have worked for it,” he said.

Owusu Bempah did not visit the Chief Imam’s Fadama residence in Accra on Thursday empty-handed, he went with a cow to be given to the National Chief Imam as a thank you gesture.

The 31st night pronouncements saw some angry youths stormed the South Odorkor branch of the Glorious Word and Power Ministry, tearing down doors and windows, a billboard of Owusu Bempah and shattering glass windows.

They warned the prophet to apologise for denigrating the Chief Imam or be visited with worse.

The police have since announced the arrest of one of the leaders of the attackers whom they say they have granted bail.

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