Opinion: Sammy Gyamfi and Kwasi Pratt are on a suicide mission: Let’s Stop Them

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The utterances of the national Communication Director of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Mr. Kwasi Pratt Jr of the Insight News paper are incendiary and nefarious which must be first of all condemned by the powers that be within the NDC and the nation at large.

In a fiery statement, the chief communicator of the NDC attacked not only the persona of the NDC leadership in Parliament  but questioned their level of commitment to the party.

These rather speculative and unsubstantiated views  of Mr. Gyamfi were echoed by Mr Pratt, calling the NDC in the legislative chamber as a betrayers; for allowing three nominees for ministerial portfolios by the President of the Republic of Ghana in accordance with article 78 of our constitution, to pass through vetting successfully.

As a citizen I am scandalised by this sense of immaturity and cheap quest for populism by Mr  Pratt and Sammy.

It is imperative to state that non of the three nominees could be disqualified pursuant to the provisions of article 94(1) a, b and c, to hold public office. 

Indeed from article 78, the Constitution requires that majority of Ministers should be appointed from within Parliament. To this extent, the President was well within his right to appoint among others the three persons in contention as well as Parliament within it’s oversight functional right to vet and approve same.

The demands of the likes of Mr. Gyamfi and Mr. Pratt can at best be described as wishful thinking and for shared political expediency thus analogous to the national interest of Ghana. 

In all the social commentary on this issue, the name of the Hon. Hawa Koomson is more prominently mentioned. Some schools of thought believe she did not exude competence during vetting for which they are doubtful of her ability to deliver. Indeed Mr. Pratt claims she doesn’t even know the structure of her ministry.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Hon. Mavis Hawa Koomson and the people of Awutu-Senya East have secured the seat for three consecutive times for the NPP and for that matter deserves a worthy invite to the table by a ruling NPP government.

Any attempt by the NDC to undermine, disrespect and insult the choice of the people is not only improper but will be self inflicting in the coming election. 

 Hon. Hawa is a devout NPP member of good standing and thus appreciates the  ideals and vision of the Party and the President for that matter. Thanks to her leadership every constituency in Ghana can boast of an ambulance, most villages in the five regions of the North can boast of some dam to augment dry season farming, all the three development authorities found breath of relevance under the leadership of Hawa.

It is disingenuous, unpatriotic, and malicious propaganda for anyone to question the capabilities of such a patriotic nominee who is willing to serve her people and country.

The NPP should be happy for the snowballing time bomb reading to explode within the NDC. Sammy Gyamfi is stoking the fires and Mr Pratt is fanning same. The NPP thus have a political advantage to keep hammering on that wound of the NDC till they lose the breath of relevance in the political arena of Ghana. 

Secondly, the looming tension gives the NPP the opportunity to take cover, iron out it’s differences; kill the possible division of the Alan vrs Bawumia quest to lead in 2024, reconnect with the grassroots of the party, start an aggressive parliamentary candidate grooming, rewriting wrongs of 2020 election and consider the implementation of such  policies that ameliorates the suffering of the masses. 

Breaking the eight years cycle is not an impossible mission but same can only come to pass when we are united, committed to the NPP, focused on the welfare of the Ghanaian people and put God at the center of out affairs.

Finally, every decent lover of our democratic credentials as a country must show their abhorrence to the unfortunate words of both Mr Pratt and Sammy Gyamfi.

Beyond our political differences we need Ghana to move forward, we need our democratic success  deepened and more importantly we need peace and tranquility to be the hallmark of our political practice. Comments that divides us must be condemned, rejected and discouraged. Ghana is the only country we can call home.

Writer : Andrew Atariwini