One day will be your last day

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Nothing ever lasts forever. Seasons change. The sun sets to pave way for the moon. The young soon become adults and adults soon retire. Like flowers, we look all blossomy in one season and in the next, we just wilt off.

One day will be your last day at work. You won’t have the luxury of energy and passion to chase after life anymore. You would be too frail to meet deadlines and targets. You may lose interest in the same things that gave you joy. Your verve may wane off because age has taken a toll on you. One day, time, which happens to be your friend now, will be your enemy!

My dad will be retiring from active service in some few months. I have observed him toil over the years. Well, the energy is no more. His grey hairs are betraying him. His energy has waned. The once energetic young man is now going to be referred to as a retiree.

Such is life. Like the sun, we all will one day set. Our life is a journey. Definitely it has a destination. Time and tide wait for no man. Time is a non-renewable resource. When wasted, it vanishes forever.

Most of us live our lives without giving any hoot about tomorrow. The young see the retiree and assume it will take forever to be in their shoes. The retiree sees the young and assumes it was only yesterday that they were in their shoes. Time has no wings but flies!

Your today is an investment. Your tomorrow is a harvest. You would only reap in your old age what you planted in your youth. You can only harvest at retirement what you invested when you had all the time and energy. Life works on a simple principle― no investment, no harvest. You can’t reap where you haven’t sown.

One day when all your titles and fans are gone, those who will stay are those you invested in― those you spent your time and money to add value to. One day when your life has been saddled with the headaches of old age, the only people that may be there to give a helping hand are those you gave that same helping hand when you had the opportunity to― especially your family.       

Oftentimes, life’s luxuries make us forget that there are “fat” seasons and there are “lean” seasons, too. Like the biblical Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream, there are good times and bad times. Nothing ever lasts forever. The good times of your money won’t last forever. The times of your strength won’t always be good. So… invest when all seems well. 

Invest respect into people’s lives. Invest your time. Invest your strength. Invest your money into resources, especially human. During your “fat season”, if you have the opportunity to lead, serve. If you have the chance to serve, lead.

If you have the rare opportunity to be the boss, write an indelibly great memory on the minds of your subordinates. Don’t trample on them because you are at the top. Don’t bully them because of the power vested in you. Your position will stay when you leave. No one ever retired with their position!  

Leadership should be an opportunity to serve… not an opportunity to be served. Life’s not about the fragrance that comes with our positions and wealth but the aroma of memories we leave in the hearts of those we served. One day will be your last day at the top!

One day, we all will walk through the exit door of our careers. Regardless of our experience, younger minds would be required to play our roles― and trust me, they would play it better. Like products, we all do have expiry dates on the market of our careers.

Uncomfortable truth is, though our consultancy may be badly needed, one day, we may essentially be of no use. Life will retire us. Old age won’t permit us to think on our feet like we used to. So… while you think about today, think about tomorrow.

Save. Spend less on wants. Spend more on needs. Invest in your family while you have the opportunity to. When all has been said and done, your extramarital partners won’t be there to see you through the days when you need them most. Don’t waste your strength during your “fat seasons” thinking every season will be fat same! 

Nature can’t ever be cheated. Your strength is time-bound. You won’t be young forever no matter how much you try to resist the waves of growth. One day will be the last day you could ever work on a night shift. One day will be the last day you can stand on your feet to work for long hours.

Before that last day comes, prepare. No matter what, we all will have our share of the “lean season”. Whatever regardless, we all will have a share of the “night season” where we can work no more. While that season is yet to come, put your house in order.

Live your youth with your retirement in mind. Your retirement should not come as an emergency. Life’s not an accident ward! Prepare before it takes you by surprise. Before one day becomes your last day, treat each day with all urgency. Live today in tomorrow’s perspective. Your retirement will only be a mirror of how you spent or misspent your youth.

If you are in your “fat season” today, spend it well before your “lean season” approaches. One day will be your last day!  

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (, a writing company based in Accra. Get interactive with him on his Facebook page, Kobina Ansah. His upcoming play is TRIBELESS.