Nananom Welcome Ghana’s first and most established Teacher Training College

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The Nananom Education Development Programme has welcomed its first teacher training college.

The college launched its learning & development process via this important familiarisation workshop for Tutors and Students.

The Komenda Teacher Training College of Education is one of the oldest teacher training colleges in the Country and will be Seventy Years Old next month. It has a total student teacher population of 1,130 and 50 tutors. It is the first pioneering teacher training college to establish this core capability for their teachers graduating, supported under this unique community managed educational development programme.

It is  the first college in West Africa to equip student teachers to undertake  the principles and practice of social emotional development – which ultimately empowers children to build their emotional resilience.

The Nananom Education Development Programme is a collaborative initiative between Nana Osabarima Otsibu VI (President and Paramount Chief of Enyan Denkyira Traditional Area and a Member Central Region House of Chiefs) and SEDi Ghana (Executive Director Mr. James Kwesi Addison).

This unique programme is leading the way as a community-led and managed process for building a powerful new capability into schools within the Central Region during 2017 & 2018. From there, a national 2019/2020 roll-out will take place within Ghana through the 10 Regional Houses of Chiefs.

James Kwesi Addison said, “We are equipping schools and the teaching community to socially and emotionally develop children and young people – irrespective of whether they are  government or privately funded establishment. This aligns with existing efforts from overseas bodies to support standards and capability in our schools. Totally managed across our communities and through the schools we are embedding long-term capability into our schools, then guiding them to become centers of excellence in social emotional development provision: whole school teams are being equipped with a comprehensive and internationally accredited professional development process spanning FIVE key areas: Emotional Intelligence, Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness, plus Trauma and Autism.”


In a post workshop interview James called on all teacher training colleges to contact the Nananom Education Development Programme to ensure they become a part of the next generation of Ghana's teacher capability building, to blend additional learning into their curriculum, and fully equip a professional capability that sets-aside graduates to enter school roles and provide for the social emotional development of children – complementing their provision of Intellectual development.