Nananom Education Development steering group inaugurated

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The Nananom Education Development Steering Group has been inaugurated.

The inauguration took place at the Palace of Osabarima Otsibu VI Enyan Denkyira in the Central Region of Ghana over the weekend.

The Nananom Education Development Programme is a collaborative initiative between Nana Osabarima Otsibu VI (President and Paramount Chief of Enyan Denkyira Traditional Area and a Member Central Region House of Chiefs) and SEDi Ghana (Executive Director Mr. James Kwesi Addison). 

This initiative specifically sets-out to establish new professional capability within a Region’s schools network. Specifically, this is community backed capability building for schools equipping them to socially and emotionally develop children and young people – irrespective of whether a government or privately funded establishment. It progressively transforms schools into centers of excellence in social emotional skills provision, by providing staff teams with a comprehensive professional development process spanning FIVE key areas: Emotional Intelligence, Autism, Trauma, Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness.

This is a community funded support for schools, which connects the House of Chiefs and Executive Directorate team together for a common and tangible purpose, entirely an autonomous approach to capability building and changing the face of community cohesion. The joint support for schools undergoing transformation pinpoints how teaching capability is increasing and measures the impact upon the lives of the children and young people in the community. The Executive Directorate oversees its own school clusters, alongside the House of Chiefs appointed representatives. Each cluster of schools is supported by their executive team from the Directorate.

The Programme is embedded deep into the community, through the Traditional Leadership of the House of Chiefs. It connects directly into sponsored school teams to provide them a level of traditional leadership support and progress oversight. This ensures schools are connected directly into Nana Osabarima Otsibu VI to enable him to combine a Return on Investment with establishing a long-term positive impact. Each cluster of 10 schools is supported by an appointed Sub-Chief from the House of Chief.


During the inauguration of the steering Group, Nana Osabarima Otsibu VI, said the Programme is a gift to the education community. And reiterated that it will empower them to alter the course of Ghana’s future by addressing known societal issues and family needs within communities. It brings front-and-centre the Traditional Leadership within regions and embeds into the hearts and minds of the families they represent, guide and counsel.

The SEDi Africa Director, James Kwesi Addison calls upon everyone to engage with the Programme’s vision, to help deliver this new capability and celebrate the positive impact across future generations of Ghanaians.

This is ground-breaking Programme, designed in Ghana by leaders in their fields, incorporates a process led by international expertise and resources to professionally develop educational teams. It creates a best-in-class approach to how children and young people build Emotional Safety & Resilience within and around them. Further, the Programme transforms schools into community-facing centers of excellence, the “go-to” locations for adults to also learn how to build Emotional Safety & Resilience.

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