My father had a stroke last night – Amanda explains performance at FA debate

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Presidential candidate for the upcoming Ghana Football Association elections, Amanda Clinton has explained why she struggled at the maiden GFA debate organized at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Accra on Monday night.

The usually well-spoken Amanda, who has made a name for herself by becoming the first female to ever contest the highest seat in football administration in Ghana fumbled for most part of her presentation to the bemusement of many.

Presented with an opportunity to erase the long-help perception that only people who are actively involved in football administration can manage the game, Amanda Clinton fluffed her lines and failed to demonstrate that she has the know-how to propel Ghana football to the next level.

But the lawyer, has told that there is an explanation for her below par performance on the night.

Her campaign team in a release said “ though Amanda Clinton at times appeared unprepared during yesterday’s debate she showed signs of leadership.

Powering through the debate though hearing her father had just been admitted for a stroke the second time just two hours before the debate, Amanda kept her composure throughout.

Although keen to answer all questions posed she appeared distracted at times during the debate.

However she defied critics who say a woman is too emotional to lead football by maintaining a stiff upper lip through the debate until the end when she went straight to the hospital without crying or showing major sign of distress on the stage.

Her tenacity is to be admired and we wait for the outcome of the election on Friday.”

Amanda Clinton is one of six people vying to lead the FA for the first time in 13 years.

The GFA elections will take place in Accra on Friday, October 25.