Mother’s day Poem: “My Protector”

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When I popped my head out of the ocean,
I knew it was a very special occasion.
Judging from the welcoming noise and sound of jubilation.
At home, you cuddled me close with your warm embrace.
Which is hard to erase.
When I became hysterical in the night, you remained calm
Instead of scolding me, you showered me with kisses and did not murmur.
No wonder! My first word was ' Mama'

Oh my protector!
You did all manner of jobs  just to make ends meet.
You wore the same cloth in order to save and buy us meat.
Strapped at your back, you covered me with a piece of cloth in the rain and forgot about yourself
Now, those beautiful and  soften hands have become hard and darkened as a coal.
Oh yes! A change may have occurred but I have never forgotten your touch which always reminds me of my goal.

Oh my protector!
Today, I unveil you to the whole wide world
To celebrate you and appreciate your advice captured in these words
'Always adorn yourself with prayers'

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