Most current gospel songs are full of noise – Helena Rhabbles

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Renowned gospel musician, Helena Rhabbles, says most of the current gospel songs receiving airplay in Ghana are full of noise.

The “Y’ewo Oman” hitmaker made the statement in an interview with host of Atinka FM’s Drive Time show, Roman Fada.

According to her, the current breed of gospel musicians do not consult the holy spirit before writing a song.

“ I will lash a lot of the new gospel musicians if given the opportunity because these days most of their songs are full of noise. The Holy Ghost is a gentleman and he understands our feelings so if you go to him in prayers he will fill you up and the outcome will be great. If your song does not appeal to God, then how can it appeal to humans,” she noted.

Touching on mode of payment during her era, the renowned gospel musician explained that they were given food and snacks as payment for their work done.

She said the new era gospel musicians are fortunate to be receiving money as mode of payment after performing.

“ There was nothing like money during our time, we were given meat pie and soda drinks and you cannot question anyone. There were days that we were given Banku and the like. The bottomline is that we were not singing for money”, she added.

Atinka Drive Time Show with Roman Fada airs at 4pm from Monday to Friday on Atinka 104.7 FM.

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