Militia documentary below standard- Oppong Nkrumah

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Government has responded to the expose by Joy News’ Manasseh Azure on the existence of a militia group associated with the governing NPP, De-Eye Group.

The expose revealed that the militia are being trained at an important state facility classified as a security zone, the Castle.

Contrary to the exposé, the Minister for Information, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, in a press briefing stated that the 20 -minute  documentary does not show any evidence of such militia or vigilante group training or operating at a security zone.

He noted that the video rather showed a group of young men and women dressed up in white shirts and black suits converging at the Castle on the belief that jobs will be found for them.

 Kojo Oppong Nkrumah also refuted claims that that the leader of the militia group, one Nana Wireko Addo is related to the President of the republic of Ghana. He noted that Nana Wireko Addo is currently not associated with the President.

He was, however, quick to add that Wireko Addo left the employ of Akufo Addo in 2010 when the president was not a Presidential candidate at that time. “A simple check would have revealed this and ensured an avoidance of the attempt to link his organization’s activities to the President” he said.

Kojo Oppong Nkrumah added that after the conclusion of the work of the taskforce in August 2018, he (Nana Wireko Addo), subsequently converted the office allocated to him into a private business office for the stated purposes of his company.

He explained that although this should not have been allowed to happen in the first place, but was quickly dealt with in October 2018, when he was evicted from the premises by a joint operation involving personnel of the National Security and the Police.

"Ladies and gentlemen, there have been many occasions where Joy News has produced documentaries based on fact, truth and accuracy. However, on this occasion, this so-called "undercover documentary" falls short of their own standards. It only puts conjecture, malice, mischief, sensationalism, and unvalidated suspicions, and presented to the Ghanaian people as truth…We continue to hold Joy News in high esteem, and urge them not to compromise on their standards of validating information, avoiding conjecture and presenting the facts always”, he added.

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