Martin Amidu playing politics with ‘Delta Force’ case –Amaliba

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A member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) legal team, Abraham Amaliba, has accused former Attorney General, Martin A. B. K. Amidu of playing politics with the Delta Force case.

Mr. Amidu, in expressing his legal opinion on the discontinuation of the case against the eight Delta Force members by the State Attorney for lack of evidence,  lauded the decision as being 'exceptional' and 'excellent'.

He also mentioned that the minority NDC in Parliament is acting politically and unconstitutionally in its complaints on the matter.

However, Abraham Amaliba speaking in an interview on Atinka News, said Amidu has changed and just doing politics. And that the Aimdu he (Amaliba) knows would have asked for a fresh investigation into the matter as an Attorney General.

He added that many groups including the Ghana Bar Association have criticized the prosecutor’s decision to discontinue the case and not only the minority NDC.

Contrary, Martin A. B. K. Amidu, asserted that it would be unconstitutional to re-arrest the Delta Force 8, who were set free last Wednesday by a Kumasi Circuit Court for lack of evidence.

“Re-arresting suspects who have contested their arrest and submitted themselves to the Republic to prove their guilt and against each of whom the Republic lacks evidence to prosecute will be inconsistent with and in contravention of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the citizen and accordingly unconstitutional,” he said in his latest epistle.

The Citizen Vigilante also fired the Minority in Parliament for calling on the President to interfere in the legal process.

“What the NDC should be doing is to furnish the police with the evidence, including the video they have to enable the police to build a better docket for prosecution instead of the unconstitutional instruction to re-arrest citizens who have been discharged by a court of law. The invitation to the President, a former Attorney General, to interfere in criminal prosecutions is capricious and unbecoming of the ideals of a national democratic congress,” he said.


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