Love tips: 8 romantic gestures that mean so much

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How to keep the spark alive in a relationship?

Before you fell in love, would you have believed that a single person could mean so much to you and that simply bringing a smile to their face would bring you, yourself, so much happiness?

Love is a wonderful thing, it makes us want to do something special for our partners. We want them to know that they are important and how much they mean to us. The simplest gesture, the smallest gift, when given with love, can mean so much to both you and your lover.

Love tips: 8 romantic gestures that mean so much

But, as the days turn into months and the months into years, it’s all too easy to become complacent in a relationship and start to take one another for granted. We become so bogged down in the day to day drudgery of life, that sometimes we forget that even the smallest of romantic gestures can mean so much and say ‘I still love you’ to your partner.

Like it or not, a loving and happy relationship needs management, as does any relationship, so here are some romantic love tips on how to keep the spark in your love life and remind your partner that you still care.

1. A gesture a day keeps the Doldrums away

Take every day as an opportunity to confirm your love with a simple gesture of affection. The ritual goodbye kiss when you part for work in the morning is all well and good, but the unexpected kiss, a surprise gift for no reason or a few simple words at an unexpected time can mean so much more.

2. Don’t Get Bored

The surprises and creativity can keep a relationship special. Just an ‘I love you’ note on a fridge door or perhaps a favorite chocolate bar thoughtfully placed inside a handbag can brighten your partner’s day.

3. Get away from it all

Take weekends out now and again. No reason, no special occasion, just a chance to enjoy each other’s company in different surroundings.

4. Make time for Talking

Allow yourselves time to talk to each other. Don’t just come in from work, sit down and switch on the TV. Perhaps cook together or play a board game, so that you can talk at the same time. These important moments of open and intimate communication can bring two partners closer and make any relationship flourish even more.

5. Be Spontaneous

Make the instant decision to go out for a meal or catch a movie. Romantic or even intimate moments don’t need to be planned, and a spur of the spontaneous, yet beautiful event can be far more exciting, than a meticulously planned one.

6. Reserve some quality ‘together’ time

Avoid getting into a rut and finding that you’re just sitting at home all the time. When you were first dating you used to do just the opposite: you used to go out on dates, you used to organize spontaneous road trips, so why not do it now? Set aside, at least, one day a week to go out somewhere different and, if you have kids, get a sitter for he night.

7. Take turns planning a date

Take it in turns to pan your weekly dates and surprise your partner with something new. Dates don’t have to be the conventional movie or dinner. Join a gym together, go to an evening class and learn something new together or even just go sightseeing at a local attraction that neither of you have ever visited before.

8. Remember, the little things count

Not every sign of appreciation you give your lover needs to be an extravagant one. Buying a small surprise gift on the way home will do the job just as well. Flowers, chocolates or a bottle of wine to share at dinner will all help keep the romance blooming in your relationship.

Many times, the best romantic ideas are the simplest. The main thing is that you show one another that the love is there. We all need affirmation of love in our lives and it’s a thing that’s so easy to give, yet so easy to forget.

I hope you find these love tips and relationship advice useful.

Feel free to share your own romantic tips and your thoughts on how to keep the spark alive in a relationship in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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