Learn to separate spirituality from work – Tobinco boss urges workers

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The Executive Chairman of the Tobinco Group of Companies, Elder Samuel Nana Amo Tobbin I, has called on Ghanaian workers to separate spirituality from their work.

The celebrated entrepreneur made the statement on Atinka TV’s “Ghana Nie” morning show on Monday with co-host Abena Dufie Asare Agyapong as part of the May Day celebration.

Spirituality has become a part of the Ghanaian workforce, in that more often than not, people are seen in Churches during week days when they are supposed to be at work.

Commenting on the trend of employees using working hours for Church activities, Nana Samuel Amo Tobbin, who is also the Gyantoahene of Apinto Divisional Stool,Tarkwa Awodua in the Western Region explained that there is time for everything.

He revealed that as an Elder of the Church of Pentecost, he makes time to attend all activities of the church which does not conflict with his work.

“I am an elder of the Church of Pentecost and I do not miss any Church activity that my Church embarks on. I separate my spirituality from my work and I do it wholeheartedly. I’m optimistic God understands his children and he appreciates what we do”, he noted.

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