‘Killer’ pastor was envious of wife’s preaching prowess

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 It has now emerged that one of the reasons why Pastor Sylvester Ofoiri callously murdered his beautiful wife was sheer envy.

According to  General Overseer of Alive Chapel International, Prophet Elisha Salifu Amoako,  who was once a guest preacher at Sylvester Ofori’s church, Floodgates of Heaven International Ministries in Orlando, USA, the young pastor could not fathom why his church members held the view that his wife, Barbara Tommey, was a far better preacher than him.

“He told me that anytime his wife preached, the congregants became  elated and praised her to the high heavens but he (Sylvester) did not receive such good treatment anytime he mounted the pulpit,” Prophet Elisha revealed on Kofi TV on Monday.

Prophet Elisha Amoako said he rebuked him and rather urged him to be happy that God had brought a humble and gifted wife to support his ministry.

The renowned pastor debunked assertions that, Sylvester Ofori is his “spiritual son and mentee”, explaining that the only connection was an invitation extended to him to be a guest speaker at the latter’s church in Orlando five years ago.     

Prophet Elisah Ampoako, further revealed that Sylvester Ofori, was also a notorious alcoholic.

According to him, Sylvester Ofori, overseer of Floodgates of Heaven International Ministries,  was so much addicted to the bottle  to the extent, he could sneak out during church service  to  go drink  alcohol and return “very high”.

Prophet Amoako recounted one nasty encounter  with Pastor Ofori when he went to the latter’s church  as a guest preacher about five years ago.

Prophet Elisha recounted: “ I was once preaching in his church and suddenly he (Ofori) started hitting me hard  while I was preaching. I got confused because I didn’t know what was happening. So his wife, Barbara, looked at me and signaled me that her husband was drunk  and that has been his attitude for some time now. So, his wife took me to his office and lo and behold, he was terribly drunk beyond redemption,” 


Barbara Tommey was shot and killed Tuesday morning outside an Orlando credit union, and her husband is in custody, police said.

The fatal shooting was reported at the Navy Federal Credit Union on Garden Parks Boulevard, west of John Young Parkway and north of the Mall at Millenia.

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Orlando police said 27-year-old Barbara Tommey, who worked at the credit union, was shot by her husband Sylvester Ofori.

Police said a search warrant was served at the suspect’s apartment and Ofori was taken into custody.

After her death, a video circulating on social media reveals that Ofori threatened to kill Barbara after Barbara’s brother went physical on him to prevent him from doing more harm to Barbara.

In the video which Barbara’s brother was seen calling Ofori a fake pastor, Ofori replied,” If i don’t kill your sister I’m fake”.

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