Kasoa killing: Lawyer campaigns for review of laws on juvenile justice

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A constitutional lawyer, Kwasi Fokuo Banyin is pushing for the amendment of laws on juvenile justice in the country.

His call comes after two teenagers were arrested by the police in Kasoa in the Central Region for allegedly killing a 10-year-old boy for money rituals.

Unlike adults, one of the suspects who is 16 years old will be tried as a juvenile under laws of Ghana. This means he cannot be jailed for more than three years.

However , the older suspect is 18 will face the full rigors of the law as an adult.

Speaking with Ekourba Gyasi Simpremu on Atinka TV’s morning show on the issue, the legal expert noted that as at the time of formulating the laws on juvenile justice, it was perceived that children below the ages of 18 could not commit such crimes and so the right punishment for murder was not embedded in the law, saying that the severity of the Kasoa killing therefore calls for a change in the law for juveniles.

“When you look at the severity of the crime committed by the teenagers, we have to change the laws on juvenile justice in the country because there are heavy protection and measures for criminal trials that involve juveniles and the belief at the time or the policy behind it is that children who are not yet the age of 18 may not be capable of committing severe offences but looking at the crime the two teenagers have committed, it has become necessary for the law to be amended,” he said.

Below is a video:

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