“Invest in Grassroot Football to produce World Class Players”- London-Based FIFA Match Agent to Ghana

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Justin Addo, a London based Ghanaian agent, has asked Ghana to invest in Grassroot Football if we want to produce World Class Players.
Many Ghanaians are worried about the current situation, where Ghanaian players are not attracted to ‘big’ European clubs like before.
Speaking to Saddick Adams on Atinka Total Sports Mr Addo said, “If colts football is not going to help then we should clearly look at properly organized schools football, starting from the primary schools, through to senior high school and get our talents from there”.
‘We need our grassroots and basics right, without that we are going to struggle in getting proper players who are developed are we rushing the players to Europe, their quality is not good enough.” He added.
The FIFA accredited match agent suggested that in few years to come countries like Mali, Senegal etc are going to increase the gap in terms of producing quality and attractive players.
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