Introduce and tax “expatriate cards” for revenue – Economist advises gov’t

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An economist and senior lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Dr. Grace Ofori Abebrese has recommended that government make provision for the introduction of expatriate cards in order to distinguish foreign nationals from citizens.

Making her submission on Atinka AM Drive Friday, she suggested that when these cards are actualized by the government, taxes should be imposed on these cards to generate revenue for the state.

In her submission, she made reference to neighboring country, Cote D’Ivoire, where she says, there are ID cards issued for members of ECOWAS only and non-ECOWAS members and other nationals from East Africa among others.

According to her, the introduction of these cards will eliminate any unnecessary attempt by foreigners who necessarily and ardently want to register for the Ghana card and other Identification Cards. 

“We need to have expatriate cards…I have stayed in Cote D’Ivoire before, they have ID cards for citizens who were paying 1000 franc…and ECOWAS members were required to pay 35,000 France and non-ECOWAS members were paying 300,000 Franc…so I think we can take a clue from them,” she advised

“It shouldn’t be that we only make cards for only our citizens, else people who are not citizens would force themselves to acquire cards from this Ghana card we have introduced.” She said.

She said when this submission is actualized, it will enable the government  keep a comprehensive data for revenue to support the economy.

She advised that there should be a reduction in the size of government since government has been lamenting on low financial power.

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