Ignore media attacks and support new GWCL boss to succeed

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I write this as a rebuttal to an article which was carried in the Informer Newspaper’s edition of Friday 5th of May 2017, on the subject of Chief Managers of GWCL being targeted by the new managing director, and a faceless Ing Quansah.

The Informer newspaper, we all know is one of the rented tabloids that hitherto used to do the dirty tribal bidding of the NDC, so I find it rather strange, that it has turned its coat to become the crusader, fighting on behalf of some tainted engineers of Ghana Water Company Ltd.

In the said article, the writer described me as faceless, although I have shown my hand in this tussle by declaring my identity as Ing Quansah. As the writer of the informer’s article rightly indicated, I Ing Quansah, worked hard to ensure that, none of those corrupt engineers was appointed to the position of managing Director of GWCL.

 Again, I Ing Quansah, readily owns up to a petition that I sent to the newly appointed Managing Director, Dr Clifford Braimah calling for the secondment of Rev Cannon Lamptey from the position of Chief Manager human resources and organizational development, and the transfer of those tainted engineers from the GWCL head office.

Given, all the background to what has transpired, I very much expected that, by this stage of the banter, the informer’s clients in GWCL could be equally bold and come forward with their identity, and debunk all the charges of improper conduct that, I levelled against them in my earlier petitions.

In any case, I find it strange that these GWCL engineers, who claim to be sympathizers of the ruling NPP government, will always turn to a known NDC rented tabloid to defend themselves any time charges are levelled against them. Perhaps, they are part of the brigade that the NDC wanted to plant in the public services to as it were sabotage the efforts of the NPP administration.

What saddened me most, about the informer’s article is the spurious allegation they levelled against Dr Clifford Braimah, for coming into office to pursue a Northern tribal agenda. Over the years, the NDC although it claims that it is a national Party has on several occasions tried to use tribe, as a factor to split the cohesion that exits amongst the peoples of Ghana. This, I find very shameful and must be condemned.

 For the information of the editor of the informer newspaper, Ghana as a nation has only three administrative regions inhabited by persons of northern decent, so it will be wrong to assume that, northerners can take over a complete institution like GWCL, which has presence in all the ten Regions.

If the editor of the informer newspaper cares to know, the current GWCL Chief Manager of Upper East Region is neither from Bolgatanga, Sandema, or Navrongo. He is from Odobeng in the Central Region. GWCL, has a structured system of appointing its key personnel devoid of tribal considerations, so the Informer newspaper will do well to cut out their tribal tendencies when discussing matters concerning GWCL.

Prior to the appointment of Dr Clifford Braimah to the position of managing director, yes I Ing Quansah as a good citizen and not a spectator, took it upon myself to let the sitting President of our Dear Republic know, the actual characters of the persons who were busy parading his corridors to catch his eyes in the appointment of a managing director for GWCL.

I did so, because here is a President who has promised to defend the public purse, and it was always going to be a blot on his administration if persons with extreme corrupt credentials, ever made their way to the position of managing director of GWCL.

As acknowledged, if the writer of the informer’s article had read carefully all my earlier petitions to the President through his sector Minister, he or she could have found out that, amongst the allegations levelled against the GWCL engineers include one of misappropriation of funds meant for the setting up of a distribution network for Communities along the Ghezouba transmission line to Accra.

If today, people living at Oyibi, Amanfrom, Ashiyie, Frafraha, Owusu Ansah, Adenta Commando, and Akatsi Abor are not getting potable water in their homes, it is because these engineers and some greedy NDC ministers for works and housing colluded to steal the funds in the China- Ghezouba contract meant for the setting up of the distribution network. Is the writer of the informer’s article suggesting that, I should sit on the fence, whilst his clients continue to plunder government’s resources, meant to bring relief to ordinary Ghanaians?

Now, that the informer has found it necessary to attack me personally, I now think it is time to take off the gloves and go bare knuckle fight with them to defend my image and credibility. I sincerely challenge the informer and his clients to come back with rebuttals to all the allegations, because I am preparing to take the issue of the distribution network to EOCO for further scrutiny.

For the information of the informer newspaper, when they talk about the credibility of people like Rev Cannon Lamptey, are they by chance referring to the situation, where people do not attend promotion interview, and yet receive letters promoting them to the next grade? May be the informer needs to be told, here is a Reverend Minister who issued a caveat, that no person will be allowed to move three promotional grades under his watch, for which some persons including one of the finest mechanical engineers ever to work for GWCL resigning his position, and yet through nepotism decided to promote one administrative officer called Korsah through three promotional jumps to spite others.

This Rev Cannon Lamptey that the informer newspaper is defending is noted to have engaged his own daughter on the quiet and sent her to the Takoradi Regional office. Because he is retiring in ten (10) months, by stealth he has decided to transfer his daughter back to Accra West Region so as to make her benefit from transfer grant. 

Please, if the informer does not know what goes on in Ghana Water Company, they should not make a nuisance out of themselves by trying to stand up for these deviant GWCL officials. If they are doing so because the GWCL officers are paying good monies, then I will urge them to go ahead and milk them, since their defence cannot stand the facts and evidences against their clients in a court of competent jurisdiction.

For the information of the Informer newspaper, it is common knowledge within GWCL that one of the engineers cited in my petitions to the President, Ing Michael Botse-Baidoo, was only planted as the chief manager in charge of planning and development of GWCL, because he was perceived as a better vehicle for siphoning and sharing of project monies.

Ing Botse-Baidoo was elevated above other seasoned planning engineers, such as Ing Joseph Adasa Nkrumah, and Ing Gilbert Quaye for the Chief manager Planning and Development position, because the then political powers felt, they could yield better returns on Botse- Baidoo who was a junior to the others mentioned above. In calling on the new managing director to transfer Ing Botse-Baidoo from the Head Office, is a way to correcting an injustice against persons like Ing Nkrumah, and Gilbert Quaye respectively.

GWCL today is suffering because of projects such as the Teshie Desalination Plant. It is common knowledge that, the project was a politically packaged vehicle meant for the siphoning of funds from GWCL, and the paying Ghanaian public. Indeed the desalination project is parallel to the AMERI deal in the energy sector. Both projects were packaged to fleece the common man on the street. It will be wrong for anybody who is knowledgeable in a field to sit back and watch this rogue characters wreak more havoc on our existence in the country. We are paying more per cubic meter of water today, because these GWCL engineers sold their conscience and signed such a dubious contract which ties the hands of GWCL to undertake routine maintenance of its facilities.

For the information of the Informer newspaper, the workers of GWCL are solidly behind the newly appointed managing director Dr Clifford Braimah, because they see him as the perfect person to bring about a respite to their plight.

As per the bogus desalination project at Teshie, GWCL is so financially constrained that, it cannot provide Personnel Protective Equipment for operations staff, who in some cases have to risk walking through snakes and scorpions at night to carry out their duties. A case in point is the Axim Head works, which abstracts its raw water from a river highly infested with crocodiles.

If the informer newspaper cares to know, GWCL plants are typically located in areas where there are no good schools, so personnel who are posted to such locations require at least a shuttle bus service to ferry their wards to neighbouring towns to access basic education. Previously GWCL used to provide all these support services to enhance the quality of life for its operations personnel, but thanks to contracts such as the Teshie Desalination Project, GWCL is not in a position to purchase spare parts for its production machinery, let alone talk about the provision of transport shuttle services for operations personnel.

I, Ing Quansah wishes to challenge the informer newspaper to send its representatives to the following GWCL locations – Odaso in Ashanti Region, Kotoso in Eastern Region, and Biaso Head Works in the Brong-Ahafo region to check on conditions  there, whether they are fit for a family life involving children of school going ages..

I sincerely trust that, this will be the last time I will have to respond to the informer newspaper over these GWCL chief managers issue. I am looking forward to a forensic probe into the planning and development activities of the utility company, so that those culpable of misappropriating government of Ghana funds are duly punished. Lastly I wish to urge Dr Clifford Braimah to do what is right to bring GWCL back on track.

Ing.Seth Quansah