I will win the seat even without campaign if NPP presents me-Emmanuel Tobbin

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The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate Aspirant for Anyaa Sowutuom Constituency, Elder Emmanuel Tobbin has said that he can win the seat as a Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency should his party vote for him during the primaries.

According to him, he has really worked hard in the party and also has a sellable name and therefore if NPP presents him, he will win even without campaign.

He made the statement on Atinka TV’s flagship morning show, Ghana Nie.

“If NPP votes for me and I am presented at Anyaa Sowutuom, we will win the seat even if we do not campaign just because of my name. If NPP presents me, we will get more votes,” he said.

Elder Emmanuel Tobbin stated that he has occupied different positions in the party and therefore has the experience to bring development to the constituency.

“I have been a party member at a party station when I was not an executive, I became a polling station Chairman at a point, in 2012, I was a polling agent for the party, and from then, my leaders saw my commitment and promoted me to became a member of the Council of Patrons while we were in opposition, which means they were financing the party and so with the little we could do to help physically we did,’ he said.

Talking about what separates him from his other competitors, he said none of them had occupied the series of positions he has occupied in the party an therefore he does not feel threatened by them.

“What makes me unique is the fact that I am a child of the party. If you are looking for someone who has worked from grassroots to the top I stand out. Because none of them have become a member, a chairman, a polling agent, and has become a member of council of patrons and elders. none of my competitors have been in these positions I have acquired in the party. This is what will encourage the party members that this time they should present someone who has been part of them,” he added.

Meanwhile, he said aside serving the party and the people, he has his church supporting him and believes that will also help him win the seat if NPP votes for him.

“As a Pentecost Presiding Elder, I am being supported by my church with he intention that we are coming in with good religious values,” he said.

Elder Emmanuel Tobbin who said already, his ‘Tobbin’s Revolving Fund’ was supporting women in the area with interest-free loans intends to lobby for scholarships to enroll every student in Anyaa Sowutuom in tertiary institutions.

“We will lobby for more scholarships. We will also try and get scholarship for those who benefited from the Free SHS and are not able to continue. Apart from that, we will go into agreement with the universities in the area to at least finance part of the fees for all the children to have tertiary education. We want every child in Anyaa Sowutuom to have at least tertiary education,” he added.

Aside working on the drainage system and the road networks, he also intends to build a public basic school in the area to enable those that cannot afford private schools benefit from it.

“I identified the primary education has a problem, drainage system, road network, and so when we come we will lobby for its development. we will try and build public schools so that those who cannot afford private schools can send their children to the public one. Our roads and drainage are our bigger problem, and we intend to continue from where our MP ended and we also intend to ensure every household has pipe water,” he said.

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