I-Shame: Students want politicians to swear integrity oath to curb corruption

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Basic school students under the interfaith anti-corruption campaign dubbed, “Interfaith Shaping Hearts, Attitudes and Mindset to End Corruption in Ghana” are calling for the introduction of an integrity oath for political office holders.

The Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference, in collaboration with other religious groups and organizations in the country, launched an interfaith anti-corruption campaign dubbed “Interfaith Shaping Hearts, Attitudes and Mindset to End Corruption in Ghana” (I-SHAME).

The project, which is targeted at influencing the behaviors of children from basic schools was launched in 2018.

Speaking at the 2019 quarterly media briefing on the project at the National Catholic Secretariat in Accra, Coordinator for Faith in Ghana alliance Samuel Zan Akologo mentioned that at one of the sessions, students under the project suggested that every politician or any person assuming public service must be made to swear an integrity oath to their religious leaders.

According to him, the students expressed concern in the fact that Religious leaders exert influence on their members who are politicians or in public service and that an integrity oath will emphasize the link between integrity and one’s religious faith in public service

“The integrity clubs are witnessing significant growth in membership with total enrollment reaching over 4,000 which gives a good signal of young people committing themselves to denouncing corruption and standing up to integrity in their life”, he added.

He added that when faith leaders take up the challenge of making their members who are politicians or hold public office accountable through the integrity oath, they will be contributing to building a new cadre of anti-corruption ambassadors in Ghana’s public service.

Rev Emmanuel Barrigah, General Secretary for Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) stated that although the issue of integrity has been suggested by these students on the project, religious leaders can only plead with their members who are politicians or hold public office to use the office as a channel to stop corruption.

The Faith alliance comprises the National Catholic Secretariat (NCS ) of Ghana Catholic Bishop Conference (GCBC), Office of the National Chief Imam, Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Ghana, Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic council, Federation of Muslim Women Association, Marshallan Relief and Development Services.

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