Hungry donkey mistakes orange McLaren for giant carrot

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A donkey in Germany forced its owner to pay a hefty fine after attempting to take a bite out of a sports car.

Vistus the donkey caused about $6,800 in damage by biting the back of the approximately $265,000 sports car after it seemingly mistook the bright orange McLaren 650S Spider for a giant carrot.

"The donkey probably thought the car was a carrot on wheels. I'm not mad at him," the car's owner Markus Zahn, said.

The donkey's bite damaged the orange paint job and a carbon fiber piece, as Zahn parked his car near the animal's enclosure.

"I looked into the rear-view mirror and suddenly saw a pair of fluffy ears," Zahn said. "And then I heard a strange sound. The sound came from a donkey, who was gnawing at my fender."

Zahn took the donkey's owner to court after he refused to reimburse him for the damage, stating he should've picked a better parking spot.

The court ultimately ruled in Zahn's favor, ordering him to pay a portion of the damages.