Holier-than-thou persons bashing Poloo love nude photos online- Ageynim-Boateng

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James Ageynim-Boateng, a former Deputy Minister of Information under the erstwhile Mahama administration, says persons bashing Rosemond Brown utilize nude photos online.

An Accra Circuit Court sentenced socialite and video vixen Rosemond Alade Brown to 3 months in jail today Friday April 16th 2021.

The sentence comes after the socialite and video vixen was convicted after pleading guilty to publishing nude pictures on social media.

Rosemond Brown was convicted by an Accra High Court based on her own plea.

The self-acclaimed actress was charged with publication of nude pictures involving her seven-year-old son.

The court had since remanded her into custody for the prosecution to take her to any Government hospital to carry out a  pregnancy test on her.

The politician who seems displeased with the court’s judgement took to twitter to explain that naturally mothers do not hide their nudity from their wards.

“How many mothers hide their nudity from their sons and daughter? (Of course, this got published). And how many of the holier-than-thou complaining bunch don’t feast their eyes on nude photos from online, print and other sources? Spare a thought for #AkuapemPoloo and her son.”

“This is not about Akuapem Poloo. This is not about a bad or an unfair court (the court follows the dictates of the law).

“This is about calling for reforms in our criminal  justice system. For how long will people be jailed because of situations like Akuapem Poloo found herself in?”, James Ageynim-Boateng said in a series of tweets.

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