Group introduces e-learning platform, “Wolo”, to aid students

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Woloafric, a group enthused about education, has introduced “Wolo” an e-learning platform designed to offer high school education too as well as skills training to Africans.

Wolo, a Ga word which means book, will enable students to access quality tuition from the best teachers irrespective of the location of the student. Wolo will deliver learning experience through multiple channels including web, mobile applications as well as digital television.

“Wolo” e-learning platform, which was created by media mogul Ricky Anokye and partner Joe Anim, will also provide learning skills through live videos as well as video on demands (VOD).

The platform will also offer opportunities for hand-on tests with the library and book store materials available on the platform.

The e-learning platform will empower and enhance human capital by offering practical learning knowledge in various spheres of life.

Media mogul, Ricky Anokye, speaking to, stated that Wolo will go a long way to influence teaching and learning through technology.

Students can access all educational materials on

“Even as we prepare to upload content to enable high school students receive tuition during this Christmas and end of semester break, we invite parents, especially to register on our website now for updates and alerts on courses,"he added.

Wolo’s library and bookstore are open for business to publishers and authors as well as publishing companies.

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