Gov’t officials swearing with eggs, deities best way to fight corruption – Olumanba

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Young Political Activist Emmanuel Abankwah Kesse, otherwise known as Olumanba has suggested that the country amends the portion of its constitution that mandates one to use Bible, Quaran or affirm their to swear before he or she assumes office.

According to him, “if we want to get rid of corruption in this country, then we must compel all government officials to use eggs to swear before they assume office”.

“I have been crying each day for our motherland. Our Land is awash with corruptible leaders. How did this LGBTQ people get the chance to establish an office here if the government claims he knows nothing about this?”

“Since men believe that God is slow to anger, I think it’s high time we stopped using Bibles and Quaran to swear and start swearing with deities. I think that one will bring some level of sanity in this country,’he said in an interview.

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