Ghana needs a paradigm shift in way of thinking – Rev Dr. Abbeam

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Chancellor of Abbeam Institute of Technology, Rev. Dr. Abbeam Danso Ampomah, has linked Ghana’s slow pace of development over time to our inability as a country to come out with innovative ideas. 

At the second series of a lecture on “Building Strong Team and Overcoming Negativity” organized by Abbeam Institute of Technology in collaboration with its Business Administration Department, he noted that it is imperative that Ghanaian youth consider building strong teams, focusing on new ideas and way of thinking to attain self-development.

Speaking at the event, Rev. Dr. Abbeam Danso Ampomah, mentioned that what informed the decision to organize the event is to discredit the mindset that engaging in politics is the panacea to self-actualization and development.

And that more often than not people turn to believe that partisan politics is the only way to save Ghana. 

However, in his view, that will collapse the country eventually. Therefore, adopting new ways of doing things and approaching issues with new thoughts veering away from political lines will improve the economy.

Thus, he called for a renewal of our mindset to make informed choices crucial for nation-building.

The lecture also featured Sandra Ankobiah, a lawyer, entrepreneur, and media personality, and Majid Michel, an actor, and an entrepreneur as speakers.

Majid Michel in his address opined that Ghana, though delivered from slavery and colonial rule is not entirely free as perceived.

He argued that psychologically, Ghanaians need to eschew emotional and mental slavery and re-establish new and innovative way of thinking to meet the perceived liberation.

He, however, admonished students and youths, in general, to inculcate into their lives a new thinking approach and building strong teams with individuals with the same goal. And that is a sure bet to self-development.

On her part, Sandra Ankobiah expressed the urgency in overcoming negative burdens on positive thinking, adding that optimism is inclined in the alignment of like-minded friendships. 

She called on students and youth to set crucial standards in friendship selection.

Ghana | |Patrick Ofoe Nudzi