Ghana doing well in tackling climate change effect – Frimpong Boateng

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Minister of Environment Science Technology and Innovation (MESTI), Prof Frimpong Boateng, has lauded Ghana's contributions towards mitigating and adapting to the effects of Climate Change.

Even though Ghana is in the category of countries that contribute less to Greenhouse Gas Emissions, it has become part of the solution as climate change has also become a global threat to our survival.

In this regard, Gov't through the Ministry  and EPA with other stakeholders have put into action operational elements called Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to be implemented in the various sector of the economy to promote development and protect the environment. 

Speaking to the Press at the Accra International Conference Center, on the second day of Africa Climate Change Week, Prof Frimpong Boateng underscored Ghana's promotion of green energy, use of solar energy, use of bio mass, wind energy, nuclear energy. And that a few years ago " we had about 2.4mgwtt of green energy in terms of solar, now we have about 50mgwtt of solar.

According to our him, within the Northern Savannah Zones, they are taking actions to mitigate climate change and adapt by building dams which are adaptation projects.

Also on the issue of plastics endangering out environment, he mentioned that Gov't and the Ministry have completed a policy on plastics that would largely be recycled to do other things. Plastics, he mentioned, should not be seen as a "bad thing". 

Ghanaians therefore should change their attitude towards waste by providing waste bins and not rely solely on Gov't.

He hinted that if banning of plastics is anything to go by,  then shopping bags should be banned and put in place cotton bags. Also to ban are chewing gums and plastics cutlery.

Meanwhile, for Ghana to achieve all these targets and do more, a colossal amount of US$ 22. 6 billion needs to be generated from Gov't and domestic institutions as well as the international institutions. 

Dr. Yaw Ansu, Senior Advisor to the Finance Minister spoke about Gov't preparedness to realizing the money. He added that presumably, some oil revenue would be used as part of the US$ 22.6 billion.

Ghana | | Patrick Ofoe Nudzi