Facebook video gunman Steve Stephens kills himself after chase

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A man who filmed himself killing a 74-year-old man before putting the video on Facebook has taken his own life after a chase.

Pennsylvania State Police said officers saw Steve Stephens in Erie County on Tuesday morning and that "after a brief pursuit, Stephens shot and killed himself".

"This started with one tragedy and ended with another person taking their own life", said Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams.

"We would have liked to have brought Steve in peacefully and really talked to him about why this happened."

Police said they found Stephens after a tip off that his car was in a McDonald's car park.
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Video: Manhunt after killing video posted on Facebook

They said the chase lasted two miles and that officers had managed to disable Stephens car.

Stephens then shot himself as his car spun out of control.

A manhunt was launched for the 37-year-old after he shot dead Robert Godwin Sr in Cleveland, Ohio on Sunday.

He then posted the video of the killing to Facebook, where it remained for more than two hours before the social network removed it.

In the footage Stephens pulls over in a car on a street in Cleveland as he says "find me somebody to kill, gonna kill this guy right here. He's an old dude".

After a brief exchange in which Mr Godwin was asked to say a woman's name – that of Stephens' ex-girlfriend, Joy Lane – he was shot dead.\

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