Emotional Intelligence Africa Summit 2018

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In less than 7-days’ time, Ghana will witness the largest community learning event ever totally dedicated to emotional intelligence. 

This unique and fully sponsored event is provided in partnership with the National House of Chiefs, graciously funded by international companies, with over 500 adults and young people attending over 3-days. 

Each day looks at different areas of learning: Building emotional safety & resilience within our homes, transforming education provision to excel in nurturing child & adolescent emotional resilience and enriching the workplace to enhance engagement, creativity and resilience.

This 3-day spectacular is the brain child of Ghana's first internationally qualified emotional intelligence coach, Founder and CEO of the Addison Center for Emotional Intelligence, Mr. James Kwesi Addison. 

It provides a launch pad for his national capability building activities which will shape the future of youth cohesion and leadership.

In 2016 James had the vision to bring emotional intelligence to Ghana and drive emotional safety & resilience through education and youth development. In just 2-years he has partnered with the international experts at the Social Emotional Development Institute to bring Ghana the largest learning, development and research environment through which to realize his vision. He then set-out to provide workshops across Ghana, within faith centres, public sector environments and schools. 

Today, James has national links with NGOs, Faith Networks and a partnership with the National House of Chiefs; all to create the national footprint of support for Ghana's schools.

His tenacity and personal sacrifice has pushed James to the very limit of his own emotional resilience, all for the realization of a national objective. 2019 to 2023 will see rapid expansion of learning and development across Ghana; we look forward to following events as they unfold. 

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