ECG, a looming disaster  

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By William Hor

ALERT!!! Electricity power is a "necessary evil" and it's a good servant but could be a bad master if not managed well as Afram river can be electrified and innocent souls may be electrocuted. It is an open secret that the energy facility that connects Afram Plains to the National Grid has developed fault at the connecting point at Ekye-Amanfrom in the river and this can cause a disaster if not expeditiously and comprehensively repaired. Continuity and proper management of National Asset without entrenched partisan ideology will vividly encourage all to be of good citizens and not spectators. 

The Government of Ghana led by former President JJ Rawlings connected Afram Plains to the National grid on a temporary fix under a marine project somewhere in 1992 and this is supposed to be in use for about 20 years. Since then, consumption and expansion have increased but the system remains the same. The frequency of black- out has imperatively compelled me to add my voice to the numerous voiceless to echo the looming disaster if not prevented, God forbid it may explode. The effort by ECG cannot be under estimated therefore, no excuse can be tolerated if we fail to plan and act immediately accordingly. 

Since the mid of 2016, frequency of black-out in Afram Plains as a result of developed fault at the river bank is getting worse and it’s to remind us that no system is perfect; however, the said project was to be temporary. Sometimes Afram Plains could be in darkness for more than a week. How long should the perennial blackout be with us?

The President of Republic of Ghana, H E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo during his 2016 campaign promised the good people of Afram Plains that a bridge will be constructed over Afram river from Adawso to Ekye-Amanfrom if they vote for Willie Hor to become MP and him as president. The president can do it even though his parliamentary candidate did not win. 

The Afram Plains covers 1/3 of the Eastern Region and residents are predominantly fisher folks and crop farmers. In quest to prevent the above mentioned subject matter, I suggest the following:

(1) ECG to redirect its power supply connectivity to Afram Plains through Asante Akyim AGOGO area in Ashanti Region through Dome to link Maame Krobo in the Afram Plains. The distance between Dome and where the power is extended to in the AGOGO area is a stone -throw.

(2) Government should endeavour to construct a bridge over Adawso-Ekye Amanfrom stretch as a matter of urgency so that the power lines can be relocated and placed under the covers off the bridge because Technology has evolved. 

What a world could it be without a man-made DISASTER that could have been prevented. " forewarned is forearmed 

(WILLIAM HOR, CEO/MD of First Ghana Savings and Loans)

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