Drobo-Japerkrom clash: Death toll rises to 3, scores injured

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Unknown gunmen allegedly attacked townsfolks and chiefs of Japekrom who were on a procession as part of activities marking their Munufie Festival Wednesday afternoon.

About fifteen natives of both towns were reportedly injured in the attack.

Speaking to host of Atinka AM Drive, Ekourba Gyasi, Atinka FM’s reporter, Alhaji Guasu, who is based in Drobo in the Brong Ahafo Region, stated that Japekrom and Drobo have a long history of rivalry over land.

Alhaji Guasu reported that the incident occurred after the people of Japerkrom had visited  "Crocodile Rive"r at Mpuasu, to perform some rituals.

Among the three reported dead is 42-year old Mbrantehene (Youth Leader) of Japekrom, whose name was given as Wofa Sina Atta.

Alhaji Guasu, who was covering the procession, narrated that the event was dispersed after the Mbrantehene of Drobo was shot dead. He added that the snippers aimed at the vehicle conveying the media men who had to take cover in Drobo Senior High School.

He noted that the natives who were injured are currently receiving treatment in Sampa.

Public Relations Officer for the Brong Ahafo Regional Police Command, Chief Inspector Augustine Kingsley Oppong, who spoke to the media earlier mentioned that the clashes may have arisen from a long-standing land litigation between the two towns adding that the Police  have commenced investigations into the matter.

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