Disregard ‘spiritual sacrifice’ allegations by Evangelist Addai – National Blood Service    

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The National Blood Service (NBS) has expressed great shock and rage over a video and audio being circulated on social media which indicates that blood donation exercises by the Despite and Special Group of Companies are for ritual purposes.

In the video, the initiator, Evangelist Emmanuel Addai alleged on social media that the blood collected from the donors are not used for the purpose for which they are made to believe, however, the blood donated serves some spiritual purpose for the Dr. Osei Kwame Despite.

Despite Group of Companies is known to be organizing such blood donation exercises which help to save blood at the national blood bank for medical use in Ghana, however, the self-acclaimed Evangelist thinks otherwise.  

In a sharp rebuttal in a communiqué released by the National Blood Service (NBS) responding to the said allegation by the Evangelist, the National Blood Service says that it is completely shocked that a generous gesture by President of Despite and Special Group of Companies, Dr. Osei Kwame (Despite) and Dr. Ernest Ofori Sarpong respectively, has been misinterpreted by people and are therefore entreating the general public to disregard such reckless and mischievous statement by the Evangelist and his cohorts.

"The National Blood Service (NBS) has noted with deep shock and utter disappointment video and audio recordings by one Evangelist Emmanuel Addai making rounds in certain social media circles alleging that blood donated by voluntary blood donors during community blood donation drives organized by the Despite Group of Companies are used for rituals by Dr. (H.C) Osei Kwame Despite. The assertions by the said Evangelist that the blood collected from voluntary blood donors who patronize such blood donation drives do not get to hospitals are uninformed and portrays a lack of understanding of blood donation process. The NBS wishes to state emphatically that these assertions by the said Evangelist Addai on the recordings are palpably false, baseless and most regrettable," the statement by the National Blood Service stressed.

According to the National Blood service it has been the hallmark of Dr. Osei Kwame Despite and the Special Group of Companies to organize such exercises to help blood storage in Ghana and the has therefore urged the partners not to be discouraged by these allegations but continue their kind gesture to help save lives. 

"Over the past few years, the Despite Group of Companies has consistently supported the NBS in its efforts to meet the national blood requirements. The NBS appreciates the enormous contributions of the Despite Group of Companies and other corporate organizations, religious bodies, educational institutions and organized community groups towards the steady growth of voluntary blood donation in Ghana.

"We urge our partners to remain committed to the noble objective of saving lives through blood donation".

"Regular voluntary unpaid blood donors are recognized globally as the safest source of blood for transfusion and the surest way to provide and sustain adequate blood supply. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that regular blood donation by 1% of the population is required to meet the minimum national blood requirement. However, Ghana's blood supply currently relies heavily on replacement donations by family and friends of patients who require blood transfusion therapy", the Blood Service further explained.

The Blood Service also stated emphatically that under no circumstance was any staff of Despite Group of Companies involved in the technical processes of the blood donation exercise.

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