Covid-19 : Time to show patriotism and togetherness, Bismark Brown writes

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This is the time to show patriotism and togetherness. Our ability to stand together even in fear is now.

I call upon the rich and affluent in our society to rise to the occasion and get ready to assist the state.

From the trends and expert advice, we may for a period go through a shutdown, maybe not too long or even longer.

If we have to get into a total shutdown even for 2 weeks, the pinch will be piercing and spiky. We will have to avoid a situation where many will have no option than to break ranks and hit the streets to get their daily bread.

Knowing the Ghanaian, common items will be expensive!

This is where we need to come together and pull resources to cushion ourselves.

We need volunteers and NGO’s who will adopt to feed the slums, ghettos, identifiable vulnerable groups in a controlled atmosphere with the military in charge of all arrangements.

The volunteers or NGO’s need not be on site, they just provide the meals or groceries etc and the military does the disbursements.

This is where we need the churches we have been spending our meager monies on. This is the time for the opambours, Rev Oboufo)’s, obinims, the Duncan Williams’, the Agyin Asare’s, the Otabils and all of them pastors who drive expensive cars and boast of millions.

What can they do? They can offer at this time to get ready to put in place a scheme to reach out to those old market traders who give even their last coins to buy anointing oil for the pastor to afford a luxury birthday bash.

They need to plan towards assisting government to mitigate the obvious hardship we are about to go through.

We need the church to ‘hold us up’ for our knees are weak.

We also need the support of our rich footballers who have not given their services for free to this nation but have been given their due anytime we call upon them to represent the 🇬🇭. On the back of this flag 🇬🇭, they’re where they are today.

This is the time for them to ‘hold 🇬🇭 up’. They can come together and adopt a certain category of people and plan a scheme to meet them halfway.

This is the time we need the men who claim to be rich, flaunting cars, money and houses. We may need extra spaces as quarantine and isolation centers. We count on you to be willing and ready to give up some of your properties to save ourselves.

Yes! Save ourselves because we are in this together. No one is leaving here to anywhere and no one is coming to our rescue. Let’s do this for ourselves and be proud of ourselves.

This is the time the government must prove that the backbone of our economy since Gordon Guggisberg’s time which is Agriculture can stand the test of time. We have the Ghana buffer stock company and we have had a successful Planting for food 🥘 and jobs (PFJ). We need to be able to have a scheme in place by now to feed ourselves.

We can have the buffer stock company sell cheaper to churches and NGO’s who have a humanitarian agenda specific to CV-19.

This is in addition to my earlier suggestions. Sorry about the long write-up but keeping them will serve no purpose so I had to share them🙏🏿😁.

#Sinopi ☝🏿